bunnihotep (bunnihotep) wrote,

BunniHoTep and the Missing Friend

Once upon a time BunniHoTep was in her garden studying the backs of her eyelids when she heard someone yelling.

It was time to rehearse the sun scarab’s twice yearly temple duty and he couldn’t be found. So a rather dim priest had been sent running to BunniHoTep’s Temple down the way.

The silly thing was crying and hysterical and she had no patience with that. One of her priestesses grabbed him as he was running around waving his hands in the air and wailing, “You have to find him, please, you have to find him!” and then bursting into tears. BunniHoTep put her palm to her head, this one was going to give her a headache for sure.

“Stop! Just Stop! Who do I have to find” she asked.

The priest stopped and looked at her bewildered. “You don’t know?”

“I’m the finder of lost objects not all seeing and all knowing, for that you need that god up north in the desert. Who is missing?”

“The sca.. sca.. sca..Raaab...” and he let out a horrible wail.

“Okay, where was he last seen?” Trying to remain calm and stopping the urge to grab the man by his hair and shake him.

The man stopped, “I don’t know. We only see him twice a year, the rest we don’t even bother with and just assume he does whatever it is he does.” The man looked at her as if he had been confused by the question.

“So the scarab is very important to you only when you want to use him for something?"

She looked at the priest with a stern look.

“Oh, yeah, well, I guess.” The priest was looking at his feet rather guiltily.

For she knew the priest thought if the scarab couldn't be found there would be no solstice for the scarab was charged with rolling the earth around the sun and changing the seasons and it was solstice eve.

The priest said he had looked in all the usual places, His spot down by the river, a sunny place he liked in front of Ra’s Temple on Temple Row and he was getting tired.

“And now you have decided you just HAVE to find him?

“Well, yes.”

“And you couldn’t have bothered to ask him nicely a few days ago if he was ready?

“Uhhh, I guess.”

“Well, you are in luck because I happen to know where he is.”

“You do? And you couldn’t just tell me?”

“No, I could’t. You only act like he’s important twice a year and the rest of the time he works hard for you to turn the world around and he’s tired and he wants you to appreciate him. Just because he's rolling around a big ball of poop and doesn't smell so hot doesn't mean he doesn't need love. Do you think the priests could be his friend all year round because I’m not telling you where he is if you aren’t going to be nicer to him.”

BunniHoTeo knew exactly where the scarab was and had no intention of telling this fool where he was until he said yes because the scarab wasn’t lost at all. He was having tea like he did every afternoon with Ammit and they should have known it. Ammit appreciated people who were a bit different after all she was a bit different.

The priest looked properly chastened. It really hadn't occurred to him that the scarab might be tired or lonely. And he liked the scarab so he knew it should have occured to him.

"What do I need to do?" The priest asked because he really was a nice fellow if a bit self centered.

"The scarab is having tea with Ammit and I think you should go down there and ask nicely if you can join them AND if they let you, have tea and get to know both of them. Then and only then may you ask him to help the sun return at solstice."

The priest looked uncertain, "uh, okay... Do you think it will work?"

"One can only try and do you really want to risk Ra being mad because the Sun didn't return?"

"No," he yelled over his shoulder as he took off running toward Ammit's house by the Nile.

BunniHotep nodded and returned to the garden to study the insides of her eyelids again. All was well and it was almost time to go light the Solstice welcome candles.

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