bunnihotep (bunnihotep) wrote,

Ritual for BunniHoTep

Stuff needed:
Hand cream
Eggs and things to put in them
Pin making things

Before ritual
Set up altar
Make masks for invocation

Call Circle with BunniHoTep song
And BunniHoTep dance

Welcome BunniHoTep’s maternal aspects
Healing, care for others, creating, comforting, etc.

Heal each other. Priestesses will travel around the Circle with hand cream and massage it in
while exchanging healing energy.

Blow bubbles to wish the lost souls of this week a safe journey

Make Bunny pins

BunniHoTep creative offerings.
New stories or songs

Share Chocolate bunny by passing around the Circle

Egg hunt

Group bunny hug

Close Circle and eat!

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